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Sharpes Estates will conduct a visit to the property and provide a full rental valuation, where upon viewing the agent will have a detailed look throughout the property to establish all of the important features. During this visit the agent will be taking professional photographs for the advertisement and take any important information which may be required. 


Sharpes Estates will market the property over several websites and property portals to ensure professional tenants are found. The websites and portals which will be advertised on are as follows; Zoopla, Rightmove, Gumtree, Sharpes Estates Website, SpareRoom and Sharpes Estates TV in the office window. 


Sharpes Estates will conduct all reference checks through a third party referencing company. The referencing procedure, which we undertake, is a full employment and previous landlord reference. Alongside a full check of bank statements, pay slips and a copy of passport or residents emmitance. This will also include a credit check if necessary. 


Sharpes Estates are responsible for the collection of the rental in advance and the security deposit which must be secured by the landlord into a deposit scheme. The collection of rental is 1 months' rent in advance and a security deposit which is 6 weeks' rental equivalent. 


Sharpes Estates provide an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which will be signed by the new tenants and the landlord or agency on behalf of the landlord if required. The agreement is 12 months' contract with a 6 months break clause. 


Sharpes Estates will take care of all the paperwork needed and provide the tenants and the landlords with the adequate documents. The landlord will need to provide an in-date Gas Safety Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate. (Sharpes Estates can provide these if needed, at an additional cost). 

*if you require our services beyond this point, please enquire about our full management service*


Sharpes Estates set up a standing order for rent to be paid into Sharpes Estates account and invoices onto the landlord minus the agency fee of 9.5% + VAT each month. 


Our Letting Fee: 

Sharpes Estates will charge a fee of 9.5% + VAT, which will include rent protection or 7% without which will be letting only. This will be taken in advance of a 12 month term. 

Payment Due:

The final balance will be paid into your account minus the commission for the 12-month term, which will be received within 3 working days once the new tenants pay the final balance. 


Providing you are happy with your current tenants and would like to renew. All tenancy renewals will incur a fee of 2 weeks equivalent rent from the agreed rental figure of the renewal. 

Refund of commision: 

If a tenancy is to be for any reason shorter than the 12 months, the commission taken in advance will be deducted only from the finding of a new tenant through Sharpes Estates. 



Whilst we shall use our best commercial judgement in the selection of tenants and the execution of our Service hereunder, we shall not under any cicumstances be liable for non-payment of rent or any other outcome of a tenancy or for any legal costs resulting there from. Insurance policies are reccomended to cover such risks, if you require to read up on our rent protection guarantee here. 

Landlord Withdrawal: 

This is put in place if for any reason the landlord withdraws instruction after accepting applicants offer and through no fault of applicant or agent. A fee of £180 will be charged. 

Termination of contracts:

If you would like to terminate the contract before the contract expiry date, you will need to provide two months' notice in writing. This can be done via email or letter to the agency. This can be sent to the following address: 8 Merton High Street, Colliers Wood, London, SW19 1DN or emailed to

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