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Tenants Application Procedure

All the information you need about Sharpes tenant application procedure.

Finding a house doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure. We take the stress out of the process by tailoring to your needs. 


  1. Make an offer: You tell us your offer, which includes details about you and others living with you and any other special requirements you have. We then forward this to the landlord.

  2. Receive Confirmation: Once the landlord has confirmed you will receive a phone-call from us as well as an email explaining the next steps. 

  3. Register with Goodlord: You will be notified to sign up to our referencing company called Goodlord, whom will provide instructions. 

  4. Provide References: Provide required paperwork to Goodlord. It will take up to 24 hours for Goodlord to check through your references

  5. Confirmed References: Once the referencing team look over your documents, they will either pass or fail you. If you have passed, please proceed with steps. 

  6. Pay & Sign Contracts: Once the move in monies have been paid, you will be allowed to sign our contract. 

  7. Book Check - In: You will then be contacted by a member of our team to book a check-in, this will be to collect keys and contracts. 

  8. Collect Keys & Contract: Time to collect keys and contracts to move into your new house.

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